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Non-interactive spacer Several types of water transfers will occur as part of the SJRRP. Information related to these various water transfers will be posted on this web page.

Non-interactive spacer  The San Joaquin River Restoration Settlement Act (SJRRS Act), Section 10010(e)(1), references long-term Friant Division, Hidden Unit, or Buchanan Unit water contractors participating in water transfers under this provision to submit written notice stating how the proposed transfer or exchange is intended to reduce, avoid, or mitigate impacts to water deliveries caused by the Interim Flows or Restoration Flows or is intented to otherwise facilitate the Water Management Goal, as described in the Settlement, and the notices will be publicly available.

Below are the notices submitted to fulfull this section of the SJRRS Act.


2012 and 2013
2011 Notices
Madera Irrigation District - December 26, 2012 Lower Tule River Irrigation District - May 24

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