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The release of water from Friant Dam for the SJRRP depends upon the amount of runoff.  Using water supply forecasts for the Friant Division of the Central Valley Project, the SJRRP uses the estimated total unimpaired inflow below Friant Dam to determine an allocation.  The Restoration Administrator makes recommendations on the timing of releases based on river conditions and the specific goals and objectives at that time.  Prior to an increase in flow rates, the SJRRP analyzes the likely effects on the river and surrounding lands and documents the results with a Flow Bench Evaluation.  Following an affirmative evaluation, the SJRRP issues a notification and changes the releases.

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Exceedance forecasts use snowpack measurements to determine future runoff.

Snow Gages AGN - Agnew Pass GRM - Green Mountain MHP - Mammoth Pass DPO - Devil's Postpile GRV - Graveyard Meadow PSR - Poison Ridge CHM - Chilkoot Meadow VLC - Volcanic Knob KSP - Kaiser Point HNT - Huntington Lake TMR - Tamarack Summit

Volcanic Knob VLC 10050
Agnew Pass AGP 9450
Kaiser Point KSP 9200
Green Mountain GRM 7900
Devil's Postpile DPO 7569
Tamarack Summit TMR 7550
Chilkoot Meadow CHM 7150
Huntington Lake HNT 7000
Graveyard Meadow GRV 6900
Poison Ridge PSR 6900
Gem Pass GEM 10750
Mammoth Pass MHP 9300

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Monthly water supply forecasts report unimpaired inflow values in terms of the percent exceedance, 10%, 50%, and 90%. The South Central California Area Office of Reclamation provides a best estimate for the purpose of developing delivery schedules. More information may be found here. Forecasts include:

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The SJRRP develops Default Flow Schedules for submittal to the Restoration Administrator to identify the annual allocation available. Allocations include:

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The Restoration Administrator recommends a Flow Schedule to respond to current conditions and support data collection goals and objectives. Current RA Recommendations are available here.

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The SJRRP conducts Flow Bench Evaluations prior to deciding on an increase in flow target. These consider channel conveyance limitations, operations call concerns, seepage hotline concerns, real-time and manually measured groundwater levels and their relation to thresholds, as well as seepage predictions.

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The SJRRP creates Daily Seepage Evaluations when flows are over 475 cfs in Reaches 2A and 3.

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Prior to a significant change in flow target, the SJRRP issues a Flow Change Notification to a public distribution list. Examples are below.


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