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Please see the Seepage and Conveyance Technical Feedback meeting page for upcoming public meetings discussing this data and the Seepage Management Plan.

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Realtime Well Map PZ-09-R3-7 MW-10-75 MW-11-130 MW-09-89 MW-10-92 MW-10-90 MW-11-142

Monitoring Well

MW-09-54B W54 2B
PZ-09-R3-7 R37 3
PZ-09-R3-1 (decommissioned 7/21) R31 3
MW-10-75 W75 3
MW-11-130 130 4A
MW-10-89 W89 4A
MW-10-92 W92 4A
MW-10-90 W90 4B1 (Eastside Bypass)
MW-11-142 142 4B1 (Eastside Bypass)


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Manual measurements are done weekly on most wells. The most recent measurements in fourteen key wells are reported via the Weekly Groundwater Report. Monitoring Well Atlases are published monthly, containing past measurements on SJRRP wells.

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